Double-Sided Garden Flag for Sublimation

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This is an awesome opportunity to have your home show off a beautiful custom garden flag that will blow everyone away.

Have you been looking for some DIY art? This high-quality garden flag will bring your ideas to life with the durable polyester material and sublimation print.

Your garden's contents will be preserved in living color! Environmentally friendly, these flags are made from 100% polyester for sublimation.

Key Features:

  • Durable polyester fabric.
  • 100% sublimation printing process for long-lasting colors.
  • Show off your home with our decorative flags.

Pressing Instructions:

  1. Lint roll,

  2. Pre-Press at a VERY FIRM PRESSURE for 20-30 seconds at 400 degrees to remove the fold lines that come with it initially from packaging.

  3. Press for 60 seconds at 400 degree’s paper face down using VERY FIRM PRESSURE.